It is exciting to get back home to stare at the first batch of high-quality images of marvel scenes. Everything will be a thrill as you enjoy the unique perception of looking down at the world. The rush will quickly normalize to the standard level as you realize aerial photography is now just as standard as any other.

Overview of our aerial photography

Using the right drone

There is an intimidating number of drones in today’s market. The most common type of drones include ones with an in-built camera and those that accommodate an attachment. Part of our expertise with drones is due to our educated choice of the right one. The Boston aerial photographer knows which ones match the highest possible altitudes and the best for low-altitude shots like indoor videography.


Beginning drone users focus on keeping the device stable, light, and fast for the best shots. Using a drone that matches one’s skill is the easiest way to produce the highest quality photos.

Our aerial photographer in Boston has long experience with many different tools and systems. We do not need a manual to operate any version of the drone for other photos and videos. Our knowledge of all systems is the stand-in manual of comprehensive instructions, which allows us the freedom to spend less time tinkering and maneuvering the camera for more precise shots.

The Boston aerial photography experts can restrict how far and high the drone to prevent legal complications. Our Boston photography firm aims to maximize all features, so the photos and videos have an excellent function.


Many people do not understand the rules of Boston aerial photography, hence risk many different legal repercussions. An example is that the USA requires registration of UAVs weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds. We do not risk stalling any of our projects by first ensuring we meet all flying the drone regulations.

Flight preparation

Getting a drone is not the only prerequisite for flying. You need to know when and where you can fly. The pre-flight checklist also includes knowing how to quickly judge the right angles for perfect shots as you are on the ground. We see the art of applying drones in different scenarios because of acute familiarity with advanced techniques like leading lines, golden ratios, and the thirds rule.

Post-photography process

Unfortunately, aerial photography is not the only requirement for magazine-like pictures. What one does with the shots is just as important as skillful photography. OTBx Air relies on both technical and soft editing skills to refine each photo and video to perfection. These may include color correction, brushing, and other general quality enhancement options.

All the above conditions are accurate indicators of our work ethic and product quality. Some beginner photographers may take the less glamorous route of borrowing photos from skilled aerial photographers to have a professional stance. We have a stand-up character and include a complete portfolio of our extensive abilities with Boston drone aerial photo and video. Contact our aerial photography company in Boston MA for additional resources like testimonials and easy awe-inspiring productions by calling 617-804-1252.


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